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From: D One
Subject: Dolan's BetDolan was 17 when he realized there were ways to have fun on those days
when his brother and his buddies gathered in the basement to watch
football. He lost the bet with David and had to be at the beck and call of the
group. Dressed in his gym shorts and half lnch mesh football shirt, Dolan
provided an unending flow of chips and salsa, make sandwiches, fetch beers
and stay nearby in case any of them gave him orders. "Beer" David yelled simply and Dolan retrieved it. "More dip" Art demanded
and Dolan obeyed. To his surprise, Dolan didn't mind. Nobdy bullied him, they laughed at
having their own slave, as they called him, but Dolan did all he was told. "Piss" Clyde said starting to arise. "Show him where the john is" David ordered and Dolan stood to great teen porn lead Clyde
upstairs to the bathroom. "Stay, in fact get in the showerstall" Clyde said as he unzipped his fly.
"Better take off those things unless you want everyone to know" Dolan took his shirt off and hesitated before taking hnis shorts off. "Kneel...all good slaveboys need to be reminded who their masters are"
Clyde's cock began to granny and teen porn shoot out the strong stream and Dolan felt it's warm
and the surprizing sensations as it landed all over his bare chest, back,
thighs, and crotch. "Ahh I thought so" Clyde said as he saw Dolan's cock rise to full
hardness. "Does your brother know?" Dolan shook his head. His brother didn't know he had sucked a cock or two
in high school or that he had been screwed by his best friend the night of
graduation. And even Dolan didn't really know he belonged in the world of
servitude. "Good boy" Clyde put his cock closer to Dolan's lips "take the last
drop". Dolan gaged abit as the salty moisture landed on his tongue. "Stay there I'm sure the others need to piss too." Clyde took Dolan's
shirt and shorts with him dans pics teen porn as he left the boy naked kneeling on the shower
stall floor. And just as he mentioned, one by one the others came to the
john and added their processed beer to Clydes showering Dolan. David came in last with Dolan's teen sex gay clothes. "Shit man shower and put on your clothes. If I knew you were going to
enjoy this I would have made a different bet." He laughed before taking out his own cock.
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